Guys like Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar were mentors for my dad and I would hear about their secrets.  Dad shared how he would  apply their principles to make his life and business more successful.  Most often they were centered on the importance of building relationships with people.

One of my mentors is John Maxwell and he talks about focusing on people as well.  He says that connecting with people goes beyond just communicating; it is important that we identify and relate to people in a special way, which helps increase our influence with them.

He makes his case for this concept in one of my favorite books of his entitled “Everyone Communicates Few Connect.”

Over the next three weeks I will share three of my favorite secrets from John on how you can better connect with people.

So, here is secret #1…

It is not about you, it is about others.  

If you want to communicate and connect with others you have to get over yourself.   You must shift from inward to outward, off yourself and onto others.  Put others first.

As a leader today, you have to take your communications to another level if you expect to connect with people.  It’s not enough to do a great job. To be successful, you need to learn the practices and the principles that will allow you to truly connects with others.

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Now, go ask someone if they want to know a secret!