Hey Silly, Keep it Simple!

Hey Silly, Keep it Simple!

Simple-EinsteinThe second in my series of three posts on the value of learning how to better ‘connect’ with people…

We all have heard of the KISS principle, right?  Keep it simple silly.  Seems like a straightforward concept, but not always easy to do.

During this series we are focused on the importance of building relationships and connecting with people based on the principles found in John Maxwell’s book ‘Everyone Communicates Few Connect.’  One of John’s practices is about simplicity.

John says that connecting with people goes beyond just communicating. It is important to identify and relate to people in a special way, which helps increase our influence with them.

One of our most popular training programs, “3 Secrets to Connecting,” has wide application in many professions, including banking, engineering, sales, administrative and more.  Here is the second of the three secrets in this program.

Secret #2:
Do the work to keep it simple.

This is a necessary skill if you want to connect with people. Shorten your message and stick to the main point. People remember simple and short ideas. Use repetition. Good teachers repeat the same information, in different forms, until it sticks with their students.

So, that is secret #2…  keep it simple. To learn more about the “3 Secrets” program CLICK HERE.

Next week I will talk about Secret #3, ‘creating an experience.’  This is one of my favorites!