About David Drewelow

SDDrewelow-Color 510K“Every day look to add value to yourself, your family, your team and your clients.”

-S. David Drewelow, Head Coach

Since 2002… I have led a team of highly successful, award winning coaches who have helped hundreds of organizations in private industry, government, higher learning and non-profits. We all share the belief that people are the #1 asset in every organization.

My first priority… With each person I work with is to focus on growing people.  At ActionCOACH our coaches work on improving operations, increasing profitability, growing team members and provide assistance with the key areas required to build a successful business or organization. I am a believer in using proven models, which is why I am affiliated with industry leaders like ActionCOACH and The John Maxwell Team.

People describe me as an… Intentional listener. Passionate teacher. Eternal optimist.

As a coach I look to add value to business owners and professionals to help them achieve greater success to get more out of their life, career and business. My purpose is to help people change the way they think because I know that changed thinking leads to changed results.

WHY I’m a coach… My dad struggled as a business owner. As a teen, he’d talk to me about his business and his challenges. He couldn’t talk to my mom because when he did, they’d fight, especially about money. At one point bankruptcy and divorce seemed inevitable, but by the grace of God they made it through.

On September 15, 2001, I told my dad I was going to become a coach. He was thrilled. He understood how a coach could add value by helping with issues business owners face every day, something he had personally experienced for years. He said he wished he would have had a coach to help him.

At that moment I realized, as a coach, I could help people just like my dad. This a-ha moment confirmed WHY I needed to be a coach. Mark Twain said “There are two great moments in a person’s life, the day they are born and the day they discover why.”

What is your WHY?  Why do you do what you do?  Are you passionate about that?  Are you excited about the new possibilities every single day?

For our Coaching group… I seek out people with passion, people with heart. People who are coachable, growth oriented and who desire to achieve more, both in their life and their business.  People who WANT to improve their mindset and who truly believe it is more important to work harder on themselves than it is their job.

If this describes you, then we need to talk. I welcome the opportunity to help you to grow yourself and your business so you can better define your success journey.

S. David Drewelow

Head Coach, ActionCOACH Heartland | Founding Partner, The John Maxwell Team | Head Coach, John Maxwell Mount Mercy Leadership Academy | Co-Founder, CLUB Mindset