Super Hero Influence

“Super Hero Influence”

Harnessing the Powers Needed to Impact People

Program Overview

BAPOI MediumThe power to positively change your life and the lives of others depends on your degree of influence. Without influence success is impossible.  Becoming influential is foundational to anyone who aspires to be a leader.

John C. Maxwell believes that leadership IS influence.  He and co-author Jim Dornan, spell out ten fundamental qualities the define influencers in their  book “Becoming a Person of Influence.”  

Influence does not develop overnight, but rather through a progression of four stages: modeling, motivation, mentoring and multiplying.  No matter where you are in life, you can learn the qualities to help you grow as you go through these stages.

ActionCOACH Heartland offers several options with our “Super Hero Influence” training program.  We recommend you start with a live interactive workshop followed by a series of 1-hour mastermind sessions. You also can cover the entire program in a full-day retreat format.

This program is applicable for people at any level within your business.  The principles contained in this program have been tested and proven over time.  Super Hero Influence introduces people to learning process that helps with on-going long-term personal and professional growth.

Program Options

Speaker Presentation

  • We offer an inter-active approach for one hour
  • Provides a high-level overview of “Becoming a Person of Influence”
  • Fees for speaker and non-local travel

Live Workshop

  • Interactive workshop can run from two to four hours
  • Includes introduction to a 4-stage learning process and three principles from “Becoming a Person of Influence”
  • Fees for coach, books, resources and non-local travel

Mastermind Study

  • Sessions can be held in-person and by phone
  • Includes seven 1-hour sessions
  • Fees required for trainer, books, resources and non-local travel

Full-Day Training Retreat

  • This in-person session combines the live workshop and mastermind sessions
  • Retreat format runs from 7-8 hours
  • Fees for coach, books, resources and non-local travel.

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