“Work harder on yourself than you do your job.”

-Jim Rohn, author & business philosopher

Change Your Thinking

S. David Drewelow

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is defined as ‘insanity’ by some.

As a coach, my approach is to help people see things from a different perspective with a goal to help them see different outcomes.

My purpose in life is to help people change their thinking.  Why? Because when you change your thinking quite often you can change your results.  It is a simple concept, but not always an easy thing to do.

I have found that professionals today look for opportunities to interact with others to enhance their learning.  They want to learn best practices from others, welcome the chance to improve their soft skills and they often seek out simple and effective ways for practical application.

The coaches and trainers on our team are certified by ActionCOACH and The John Maxwell Team.  Both organizations are global leaders in the areas of business and executive coaching and leadership professional development.

As a life-long learner, I thrive on helping people connect with their passion and purpose in life. I offer programs for business owners and business professionals.  As you look at this website you will find entry level programs such as CLUB Mindset, an ongoing mastermind group for business professionals.  For business owners, I suggest our GrowthCLUB, a business planning workshop series.  Plus, we have other programs and one-on-one coaching.

So where do you start to get different results?   Begin by working on changing your thinking. Look for things that will add value to yourself, your family, your team and your clients.

Remember, changed thinking will lead to changed results.

What If

ActionCOACH Earl Kemper from Topeka, Kansas, shares this client story in the video below.  I too have heard similar stories from many small business owners who are passionate about their business but overwhelmed as entrepreneurs.

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your business?  Maybe you want more freedom?  How about a business that runs without you?

At ActionCOACH we help our clients in these areas and more.  We use proven programs and systems that have helped thousands of businesses around the world for nearly 25 years.

We focus on the basics… improving your team, better time and self-management and most importantly, growing your revenues and profit.

Are you looking to go to the next level?  You can begin by taking our BusinessHealth Check Survey. We follow up by offering you a complimentary strategy session to answer your questions and show you ActionCOACH program options.  Today, as you consider your next move, ask yourself…  ‘what if?’